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Saturday’s over already?

Wow, that was REALLY fast. I’m exhausted…it’s a two hour drive down to where the birthday party was (on this side of the bridge on the Cape), and it was kind of rainy and yucky all day, although not enough to keep the kids inside which mean at some point the adults have to spent quality time outside with the kids.

Junior ended up with a lightening bolt drawn on his forehead – guess the tots have Harry Potter fever. Actually every time this group gets together they play Harry Potter. Junior’s been lucky to get the lead role. My nephew has red hair so he gets to be Ron by default.

Oh, and let’s just follow up the stupid “I left the window open” with “I’m stupid and not only did I leave my keys in the ignition all day, but I left them in the “on” position and drained every last ounce of life out of the battery.” Good thing my sister lives in a good neighborhood (and that her husband is a State Cop…maybe that holds some weight around there?) We jumped the car and I was eventually able to get up home. Now I just want to go to bed, so you’ll have to beg my pardon as I cut this short.