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Junior, who last year at this time wouldn’t let his face get wet, has started taking showers on a fairly regular basis. I like it when I’m in a hurry because like all kids, he can stretch a bath into an hour-long activity. Some nights spending an hour in a steamy bathroom is about 50 minutes too long.

But overall I think I will miss it because after I get him scrubbed down (showers may be faster but he’s in charge of the washing so you can imagine he gets cleaner in the bath when I help) I get to sit on the toilet and do my nails. And it’s not like it’s cutting into something else I should be doing, I have nothing to do other than prevent drowning (which is probably not going to happen unless he stands up and falls and smacks his head, really. I think we’re past the danger zone for him being in the tub, and yes, I have been known to actually step out of the bathroom to answer the cordless phone. (Parents everywhere will understand why I say this as if Child Protective Services is going to sweep down on my house and take him away). So I’m going to enjoy his bath time until he kicks me out of the bathroom, and I’ll enjoy my fancy nails. (Sort of a neutral color – a pinkish/tannish color today.