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You know me, I get a lot of mileage out of the weather, especially when it’s bad. Cause I’m Mundane and all. But I want to take two minutes out of your life to say that this was the best day of 2003. I can’t tell you how hot it got – it was supposed to hit 87 but it never felt 87. I had on shorts and a t-shirt, and I personally felt just right almost all day. No humidity, plenty of sun. I mean, maybe it was just the change from the last three days, but I didn’t need to put on the air, we drove with the windows down and while it felt warm, it wasn’t oppressive.

I dragged my dad down to Toys R Us to pick up a plastic pool with me. I needed his truck to transport it. I went for the $20 purple pool with the elephant head on one side. The hose goes to the end of his trunk where you put a cap on it and it makes a little sprinkler fountain. Dad and I dropped it off here at the house before returning to his house, where we pretty much spent the whole day. Junior played for about 6 hours with the neighbor’s grandson. This is a little boy who is about 2 months older than Junior. His mom and I grew up with each other. Actually the little boy’s aunt and I went to school together (12 years), his mom was her younger sister. I got to tell him a “you know what your mom and I used to do when we were little?” story. Hee! And my mom’s other neighbor has a 14-year-old grandson visiting. I’ve been loaning him Playstation games to use while he’s here, but I didn’t meet him until today. He came down and played hide and seek with the two little boys (he’s got a 6 year old brother back home) and they LOVED playing with him. He was really patient with them, and did the old “Where oh where could they be hiding” thing even when they always hid in EXACTLY the same spot he’d just been in. His grandparents should be VERY proud of this young man – he was great with the kids, extremely polite, and just really nice to be around.

Then everyone helped me wash my car. I mean, does it get better than that?

Well yes, it does! We came home for dinner because Junior’s playmates had to go home, and he suddenly remembered that 7 hours earlier I’d left the house to go buy him a pool. We got home around 5:30 and he insisted he was so hot he really needed to play in the pool. He got a good two hours of play out of it and it wasn’t even hot out! I think the little sprinkler thingy makes a big difference.

Okay, we’ve had a long day. Bedtime in 15 minutes (for him, anyway)…