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Month: June, 2003

Welcome, Summer

>From the National Weather Service:


Cause we don’t want to ease into summer, nosiree.


Well, I’m disappointed

Lunch was definitely a “looks better than it was” experience today. I had
such high hopes, too. I got the deli special, tomato and mozzarella on
focaccia with a splash of balsamic vinegar. Oh, and one of them thar basil

It’s too early in the season (given our weather lately) to do a tomato
sandwich. And while the mozzarella looked great, I just expected a little
more flavor – even if that flavor was “salt” or something. It seems a shame
to intake fat from cheese and not even really get any pleasure out of it. I
would have saved the fat for something else. So in summary, my sandwich
looked fantastic, tasted like, well, just the focaccia bread. (I have no
idea if I’m spelling that correctly or not. The spell-check in my mail
software has no idea how it is spelled.


Great Game

You couldn’t have asked for a better night – a warm breeze, Nomah going 5 for 5 (with 3 runs…dude!), a 10 to 1 win, and kick-butt seats courtesy of my boss (who is the greatest boss ever, just in case she’s reading this). These were her personal seats, and there were 4 of us at the game. I didn’t know exactly where we’d be or I would have posted it here because it should have been easy to find us if you were watching the game, especially when one foul ball hit the roof right over our heads. We were in roof box 20, which is the one on the 3rd base line, and we were in the first row, first four seats in from the end. So basically if you looked at the corner of the roof box seats (the ones that aren’t enclosed) that was us. *waving*

I highly recommend these seats – you get a fairly private bathroom, and two concession stands that had hardly any lines. I mean, what’s better than that? Especially the bathroom thing…that was sweet. Especially after two beers and a bottle of water.

So now I’m exhausted cause I didn’t get home until after 11:30pm and I’m such a baby that I don’t handle staying up that late very well. I hope I look alert at my 9:00am meeting…


Go Red Sox!

You’re going to have to sit and stew in your own jealousy because I’m going
to the Sox game tonight. It’s FINALLY a perfect night to go to a game! I
brought a change of clothes to work, and I’m counting down the minutes.
Actually, I’m going with my department, so I’m not counting them down
too loudly.

I brought sneakers to wear because today I’m wearing some sandal-like
open-toed open-back shoes, and my deep fear all day has been that while I’m
walking I’ll kick one off. I’d hate to do that at the park and end up losing
my shoe or worse, having my feet actually touch any part of the floor. That
would be very bad.

You probably won’t see me on camera, given where the seats are, but you
should watch the game anyway, don’t you think?


Fedders air conditioners

I’m in the market for an air conditioner. I’ll tell you what I want, and you tell me if it exists. Or if it does exist, if it’s any good.

Minimally, I need about 12,000 BTUs to cool the first floor of my house, which is open-concept. This sucks, because my biggest hope is that I could find one that doesn’t weigh much more than 75 pounds or so. I cannot handle needing three people to bring my AC up from the basement – we did it tonight and I actually hurt my arm trying to work it out so two of us could carry the damned thing backwards up the stairs. Okay, so there’s the weight thing. The price isn’t as much of a concern right now (seeing as I’m only putting forth a wish list) but I’d like to keep it under $500. I’d also like it to have a timer setting so I can tell it to turn on an hour before I get home. My bedroom AC does that, but “the beast” doesn’t, and this is the room that needs it. Oh, and if at all possible, I don’t want the back covered with razor-sharp thingies that slice up your hands if you aren’t wearing gloves. Oh yea, a couple of years ago I found THAT out the hard way.

Walmart has this one for a decent price…anyone have an opinon on it?

Fedders air conditioners.


What, No Do-Over?

Boy, it’s summer! Now why oh why couldn’t we have had this weather
over the weekend? I know I sound like a broken record, but sheesh, enough
already. If I’m not mistaken, Junior’s daycare provider has them all down at
the lake, building sand castles and maybe even paddling around in the water
a bit. She’s going to be amazed at how great he is in the water since last
summer – at his last swim lesson (which I missed because of work) he went
down to one bubble. He started with three, and had been two for a couple of
weeks. With one, there’s barely anything actually keeping him afloat, I
think it’s almost more psychological than anything. He learned that if he
doesn’t want to sink, he has to keep swimming, and swim fast. It’s odd, I
take it for granted that I know how to float and swim, but it’s all new to
them, and somehow the floating thing doesn’t come naturally.

I didn’t get the air conditioner in yesterday because it was raining so
hard. I hope I don’t regret that this week. I need to do that one and the
one in Junior’s room, which I can pretty much handle. I also need to get
some of that stuff to put around the AC to keep the bugs out. Fun!


Well, that’s typical

I’m in the middle of my “dealing with it being the end of the weekend” blues. Except they aren’t really blues cause I don’t mind going to work tomorrow. I think I’m more annoyed that it’s absolutely POURING outside today, which, combined with yesterday’s drizzle, means this was a very gray weekend. And it’s going to be nice tomorrow, but that’s too late for me to hang out on the deck reading a trashy novel, now, isn’t it?

Actually, I just realized that I’d already read the trashy novel I started last week, so now I’m trying to decide if I should finish it, because obviously I didn’t remember much from the first time, or move on to something new. Tough call. I think maybe I’ll finish re-reading it. It’s not like I haven’t read things more than once before (Breakfast of Champions, anyone?)

I went to Filene’s and picked up three pairs of pants and a couple of tops, and that makes me feel pretty good. I want to get a few more, but this is a good start. AND, the ones I bought were another size down – which means the two I bought a month or two ago? Too big. I’m happy, but annoyed that I wasted the money.

So because it’s yucky, I’ll share a couple of pictures with you one of them is the first flower on my new clematis. The other is just a random shot from our May trip to Florida.


a flower


Saturday’s over already?

Wow, that was REALLY fast. I’m exhausted…it’s a two hour drive down to where the birthday party was (on this side of the bridge on the Cape), and it was kind of rainy and yucky all day, although not enough to keep the kids inside which mean at some point the adults have to spent quality time outside with the kids.

Junior ended up with a lightening bolt drawn on his forehead – guess the tots have Harry Potter fever. Actually every time this group gets together they play Harry Potter. Junior’s been lucky to get the lead role. My nephew has red hair so he gets to be Ron by default.

Oh, and let’s just follow up the stupid “I left the window open” with “I’m stupid and not only did I leave my keys in the ignition all day, but I left them in the “on” position and drained every last ounce of life out of the battery.” Good thing my sister lives in a good neighborhood (and that her husband is a State Cop…maybe that holds some weight around there?) We jumped the car and I was eventually able to get up home. Now I just want to go to bed, so you’ll have to beg my pardon as I cut this short.


I am a Dope

Just in case there was any question left in anyone’s mind, I am a dope.
Wait, capital D Dope. (What a great word that is!) Why yes, I did leave the
driver’s-side car window wide open (as in, all the way) last night! Why yes,
it was raining when I walked around the car to get in and noticed it! Why
yes, my seat was soaked!

I want to go on record as saying I never leave my windows open. I
have no idea why I did last night – we had gone shopping for birthday gifts
and didn’t get home until after 8pm. So it isn’t as if I expected to go back
out again. *sigh*

Speaking of the birthday gifts – I was pleased with my purchases. I’m less
pleased that we’re driving to the Cape for a party this weekend and the
weather is supposed to be horrid. Too bad that party wasn’t Monday – they’re
saying it might hit 90! I’m going to have a Florida flashback! Don’t get me
wrong, temperature-wise, I’ve LOVED this whole spring. And I think it’s
pretty danged funny that the minute it rolls over to summer, the temps will
jump 25 degrees in one day.


MSN Search: food that help to have big breast — More Useful Everyday

Guess whose web site is number three if you go to MSN Search: food that help to have big breast?

I’m thinking…I have big breasts, yes, so maybe what you have to eat is what *I* eat! Or at least what I used to eat, which is how they got big. Start your day with some kind of pastry, even a PopTart will do if you can’t get to the Dunkin Donuts. Of course, if you’re at Dunkin Donuts get a Coolatta with cream, and don’t skimp on the whipped cream. And that’s just how you should START your day! This plan will also work toward the development of man-boobs.