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Now That I Have Moment…

Okay, Junior has now eaten his weight in bananas, so I have a moment to type. (That would be 3 bananas. And some cereal, apple sauce and two waffles. Apparently the tape worm is back).

Okay, was having a discussion with Junior’s dad about whether or not voice actors/actresses could be eligable for Best [Actor/Actress] Academy Awards (yes, I thought Ellen was THAT good). I said that she was as good in that role as Tim Allen was as Buzz Lightyear, but I didn’t recall him being up for Best Actor. He said that Ellen would be considered a best Actress because she was the lead female, but that Tim Allen would only be best supporting, because Tom Hanks was the main male character.

I claim that in a movie you could have three best actors if there were three leads (i.e. equal billing, equal presense on screen) but that many movie companies choose to split the actors into best actor and best supporting just so they won’t be competing with each other. So here’s the question: If the voice actors from Toy Story were able to run for Acadamy Awards, what category(ies) would they be in?