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It Wasn’t Good

That might have been the worst chicken chow mein I’ve ever had. Well, actually, the best it could aspire to is being the 2nd worst ever, because the worst ever was from that chinese restaurant in Vermont. Mr. Dump and I went there about, oh, 10 years ago. They serve us this stuff that’s literally green (in a bad way, not the green from say celery or scallions or whatever they put in it) and just doesn’t taste or smell like any chow mein I’ve ever had in my life. And I’ve eaten a LOT of chinese food.

So we complain to the waiter that it’s not good, we don’t want it. The owner comes rushing over, all upset that we’ve rejected his bright green goo. “Whatsa matter, you never have chinese food before?”

Excuse me?

This is a chinese restaurant in the middle of nowhere in a Victorian house. I’ve eaten in chinese restaurants all over the place, including Chinatown in Boston. You’re in the middle of NOWHERE and you have the nerve to insult me by saying the the problem is with ME and not your crappy food? Geez, it’s been 10 years and this still makes me crazy!