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Insurance Fun

Summary of my current insurance situation – my mortgage company pays my homeowner’s insurance. They get the bill, they pay it in full. Done deal.

Two days ago I got a cancellation/refusal to pay notice. Wha? Huh?

Okay, so after a few phone calls, here is the status:

Insurance Company: We have not received a payment.

Mortgage Company: We sent a payment. In fact, it was cashed on the 11th.

Insurance Agent: According to the system, the insurance that will be

cancelled is your 1999-2000 policy.

Well you know, if they want to cancel THAT one, fine. I’m only worried about the 2003-2004 policy. Agent is calling insurance company, mortgage company is requesting a copy of the cancelled check, I apparently don’t have to do anything else until next week when I check to see if Mortgage Company has beat some sense into Insurance Company. The best part was the amazement in the agent’s voice that the 1999 policy is the one showing up in the system.

If my cousin is reading this: Your company has actually been a JOY to deal with about all this. I know they will straighten this out and I won’t have to worry about it. Big thumbs up to the Mortgage Company. NOW can you get me a refi?