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Everyone always crabbed at me because I never became an IE user – I mean, I have a copy, and I use it on sites that, for whatever reason, don’t work properly with Netscape. Even now, I still consider IE my backup browser. And I downloaded Mozilla’s Firebird last week and think it’s VERY good – to the point where I almost consider Mozilla the secondary browser now.

So I’m over on KAS’s site and see an article about how IE isn’t going to release IE as a stand-alone product, you’ll only get upgrades if you upgrade your OS. Well that just cements it for me. Are they doing this because AOL bought Netscape and said they won’t be releasing upgrades* for it anymore (unless you use AOL, then you will get it as the “next version of AOL”).

*I could be wrong about this, but that was the line they were giving about two years ago.

And on an unrelated note, we had my nephew’s birthday dinner at Applebees last night, and I absoultely LOVED their (new?) Tex-Mex salad. Enough that I may go back again for it before hell freezes over.