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Hi Honey I’m Home!

I know you’ve all been watching your blogrolls to see if I’ve updated…so here I am to say that other than feeling like absolutely doo-doo (the post-nasal drip from all weekend is trying to burst out of my chest and I have laryngitis, a great way to make a good first impression) everything went really well.

Everyone I met with was great, the work seems very interesting, and hey, free coffee! And it’s the good kind, Winslow’s flavored! Or tea, or cocoa, or even iced coffee. Hey, they even provide honey and lemon to go with the tea (which you can image was a delightful sight for me today).

I’m utterly and completely wiped out though, from the combo of being sick and just learning lots of new stuff. So I’m turning in early tonight…or as early as Junior will let me get away with.