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Happy Birfday J-mo!

See, like, she’s really popular, and she reads my blog, so by extension that makes me popular once-removed! Woo hoo!

I’m going to throw a non-birthday party this summer (cause Junior and I are January babies, so we never get to have cool outside parties) and I’m going to rent a sno-cone machine because I’ve always wanted to. I think that’s the epitome of cool for a party…renting a sno-cone machine. They had a spin-art machine too. You could rent that for $35. Well, it is a birthday party, so maybe that will be a good activity.

I just realized that on my next birthday I turn 39. That’s really freaking old. So maybe this will be my last birthday party ever and in January we can just ignore it when I do turn 39. Except I’ll want presents, or cards with money (one dollar for every year is fine, and if you want to round up it will fit in the envelope a little better).