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Go Red Sox!

You’re going to have to sit and stew in your own jealousy because I’m going
to the Sox game tonight. It’s FINALLY a perfect night to go to a game! I
brought a change of clothes to work, and I’m counting down the minutes.
Actually, I’m going with my department, so I’m not counting them down
too loudly.

I brought sneakers to wear because today I’m wearing some sandal-like
open-toed open-back shoes, and my deep fear all day has been that while I’m
walking I’ll kick one off. I’d hate to do that at the park and end up losing
my shoe or worse, having my feet actually touch any part of the floor. That
would be very bad.

You probably won’t see me on camera, given where the seats are, but you
should watch the game anyway, don’t you think?