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Glad it Wasn’t Friday

A woman committed suicide Tuesday by jumping from her 14th story apartment, which happens to be across the street from the YMCA. It is hard for me to explain just exactly how close this is to the front door of the Y, but just know that it’s a one-way street with parking on both sides, so that’s what, three cars wide? There are sidewalks on both sides, but the Y is right there are the edge of the sidewalk and the apartment building is not set back very far at all.

There’s a pre-school IN the Y building face out that way, and there’s a daycare behind and to the left of the apartment building, so lots of little kids coming and going at that time of day. If it had been Friday, we’d have been leaving Junior’s swimming lesson at almost the exact time she jumped. I can’t even imagine how I’d have handled it. Hell, if it had been Saturday my niece and nephew would have been in the Y having their lessons (they don’t end until 10). If I recall correctly, there might have actually been a class that ended at 9:30 that day. Oh God, I feel soooo badly for any child who happened to see this. Hell, any adult, either.

There’s a really nice guy who stands in the road at the edge of the Y parking lot who makes sure that it’s only used for YMCA business; I assume he would have been the first one there, if not SEEN the whole thing.

People, please, if you’re going to kill yourself, don’t do it in front of a bunch of pre-schoolers, for God’s sake.