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Fun Run

Before I forget, I have to brag that Junior ran in the Mass State Police Fun run in the Junior division (kids 4-8) and he ran the WHOLE half mile (!) and said “I’m not even tired!” at the finish line! I’m stunned! This cannot be a child with my DNA. He was running with my BIL and nephew and when they got to where I was standing I didn’t see him. So I thought at the last minute he’d changed his mind about running and stayed with my parents. But turns out he’d sprinted ahead of them and ran like the dickens for the whole race! I didn’t even SEE where he placed because I was so convinced he’d dropped out. Hey, a half mile is quite a distance!

He was so proud of himself. I was bursting I was so proud of ALL the kids! My niece even ran her whole race (I want to say like an 8th of a mile, but I have no idea) and my nephew finished the half mile too! They all got these great medals… Oh, and my BIL finished his race (the five miler) in the first third – I don’t know his exact time, maybe under 45 minutes? It was actually very fun!