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Fedders air conditioners

I’m in the market for an air conditioner. I’ll tell you what I want, and you tell me if it exists. Or if it does exist, if it’s any good.

Minimally, I need about 12,000 BTUs to cool the first floor of my house, which is open-concept. This sucks, because my biggest hope is that I could find one that doesn’t weigh much more than 75 pounds or so. I cannot handle needing three people to bring my AC up from the basement – we did it tonight and I actually hurt my arm trying to work it out so two of us could carry the damned thing backwards up the stairs. Okay, so there’s the weight thing. The price isn’t as much of a concern right now (seeing as I’m only putting forth a wish list) but I’d like to keep it under $500. I’d also like it to have a timer setting so I can tell it to turn on an hour before I get home. My bedroom AC does that, but “the beast” doesn’t, and this is the room that needs it. Oh, and if at all possible, I don’t want the back covered with razor-sharp thingies that slice up your hands if you aren’t wearing gloves. Oh yea, a couple of years ago I found THAT out the hard way.

Walmart has this one for a decent price…anyone have an opinon on it?

Fedders air conditioners.