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Wow, THAT is who that is?

So Junior has started watching the shows on the Disney channel like Sister, Sister and Lizzie McGuire. I like that one cause I think that dad is cute. I knew he was a Carradine so I just looked him up . Oh good God, he played Louis in Revenge of the Nerds! Talk about a nerd growing up to be a hunksicle!

In this picture he’s channelling David Duchovney.

Oh, and the mom on that show? In real life she’s the daughter of the actress who played Millie Helper (and Grandma Yetta on The Nanny), Anne Guilbert. Now that’s all the Disney Channel trivia I have for you today.

I will express an opinion here: I think Hilary Duff is an idiot for alking away from Disney. What the kids “loved” was Lizzie McGuire, not Hilary Duff (although they SAY they love Hilary). What else is she going to do?