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Wow, It’s Finally Not Pouring

What a fun day. What a fun weekend. I am so fed up with this weather, it’s endless. I’m not sure, because I haven’t actually walked in my back yard for a week, but I’ll be there are mushrooms growing over by the shed from all this damp muckiness. It’s a toss-up on whether mushrooms are better than crabgrass, quite frankly. If it’s sunny and even remotely warm tomorrow I’ll actually go outside and see how all my plantings are doing. I know flowers like rain, but I like pie and I know if I eat too much I’ll die. I don’t want these flowers that had tags saying “Full Sun” to die because I haven’t been able to provide full, partial or even a smidgen of sun.

A friend of mine just had to go out and buy one of the SAD lights that people use in the winter to simulate sunlight because she’s so bothered by the current weather patterns. I just keep staring out the window at my little cafe table and chairs and I wonder when I’ll be able to actually sit out there again.