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What? It’s Tuesday?

Oh geez, I forgot it was Tuesday already. Not that it makes a lot of difference one way or the other, but I was thinking to myself, “I need to get xyz done by Wednesday” and just now I realized that’s tomorrow. Uh oh. Okay, so I can deal with this.

My lawn looks like a white trash flower garden. After 6 days away, things were growing like weeds. Well, they are weeds. My lawn stinks. So I pull out the mower, figuring it’s dry enough to at least attempt to mow it. Problem is that DUH I didn’t fully charge it after the last mowing. So combine that with the long grass and the dampness factor, and what little power the thing had promptly disappeared halfway through the front yard. Great. So what’s worse, totally gross long grass everywhere, or half a mow? I hope you all say half a mow, cause that’s what I’ve got.