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Welcome Wiggles Fans!

Someone on an Anthony vs. Greg chat board found my earlier posts about Anthony getting married and linked to me. I’ve gotten quite a bit of traffic from that chat board today, so I just want to say to those folks “Blue Rules, you silly Yellows.”

There, now I don’t have to bother signing up for a membership to that board.

More on my lawn (are you tired of hearing about it yet?) Funny thing happened on the way to finishing it. Turns out that the problem wasn’t me forgetting to recharge the mower, or the mower being “broken” (my 2nd thought); the outlet I was using blew a fuse. And the other outlet I tried to use ALSO blew a fuse. My dad and I could NOT find anything in the fusebox that connected to those two outside outlets, so I’m kind of stuck. The interesting (not) thing I found out while looking for a support phone number on the Black & Decker site (while I still thought the problem was with the mower) is that this model has a recall on it. So maybe the fuse blowing was God’s way of making me find the recall notice so I don’t set anything on fire. Of course, it’s very rainy and the grass is practically growing while you watch it, so having to drive a billion miles to leave my mower off for a week to be fixed is NOT SOMETHING I AM HAPPY ABOUT.

Normally when I’m this ticked I would spend some money on something and feel better, but there’s a distinct lack of money in my house. So I’ve just added items to my Amazon Wish List and pretended I was shopping. It has pretty much the same calming effect.