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The Guest Dumper strikes!

Howdy, folks! I’m the Guest Dumper, filling in for Jody while she and the munchkin take a well-deserved vacation. Consider me your combination museum docent/hall monitor/sitter/Alexander Haig (“Right now, I’m in control, here…”) for the duration.

I’m not sure where Jody’s headed to enjoy her down time. It’s an undisclosed location. We can only hope that Dick Cheney spruced the place up a bit and put a chocolate on the pillow before he left. Jody deserves no less.

I’ll be back tomorrow, if work allows and I can think of any more prominent Republican names I can drop.

Speaking of names, you’ll find mine somewhere on the right in Jody’s blogroll. We’ll leave that revelation for later. Unless it turns out I really stink up the place during my tenure, in which case I’ll just shuffle off anonymously.