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That was my phone

I should point out that the post below was made on my phone. I cannot figure out how to get my email function to insert an upper case letter (as in “I”) when it doesn’t follow a period. How stupid is that? I mean, I could do the e.e.cummings thing, but I’d rather have you guys think I wasn’t being all lazy and stuff. Really, I want to type “I” but the phone only lets me type “i”.

Got the lawnmower back. I think it’s safe to say it wasn’t ready when we got there. I know you’re surprised. My dad looked at me after the guy disappeared and we could hear an air compressor with a “is he still working on it?” look. I’d give that a big yes. We did find out that the boss has been out, and this guy, normally the mechanic, has been running the whole place. So I’m sure that’s cut into his mechanic time. Plus he’s 65 and “retired” and only works 40 hours now, period. So I’m sure covering the store and dealing with the customers has cut into his 40 hour “fixing things” schedule. So I’ll cut him a teeeeny bit of slack. Then again, he could have told me yesterday that it wasn’t going to be DONE yesterday.

Got half the backyard mowed before sprinkles started. Electric mowers are not fond of rain, so I had to stop when that happened and moved on to making dinner. And now I’m ready for bed, so goodnight!!!!!