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Still in Mourning

I thought I was fully over the Anthony getting married thing because, well, we haven’t been watching the Wiggles lately so I had kind of moved past that particular little crush, but now I’m sad again, because it suddenly occurred to me that the new Mrs. Blue Wiggle is officially filthy rich.

I should have tried harder.

Sure, I wouldn’t have looked as good in a sleeveless wedding gown, but I could have worn something to hide the arm flaps. I’m cheerful, and people like that. I’ve got this web site going for me. So Michaela Wiggle, you’d better take good care of my Anthony because I’m going to be keeping tabs.


To Do List:

1. Dr. Appt at 10:15 to change prescription

2. Run dishwasher

3. Do last load of laundry (whites) and blankie

4. Pack rest of clothes

5. Make sure phone and rechargeable batteries are charged, pack chargers

6. Get junior to decide on ONE stuffed animal to take with us, preferably really small.

7. TBA