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Okay, I’m Leaving This Baby in the Hands of Others

It’s scary to leave my baby for a few days, I’ve never done that to her before. (Is a blog female or male?) I have two subs lined up, one of them posting stuff from ME, the other posting his own material (if he gets the chance). Otherwise, I’ve got the cell phone thingy and I’ll be back Monday.

(posted via email…yippee!)

p.s. Am I the only sane adult who actually watched the movie “Jumping Ship” starring the Lawrence brothers? It was on the Disney Channel last night and Junior got sucked in “OOOH! PIRATES!”. It wasn’t bad at all, but I’m feeling kind of bad for Andy Lawrence. That is some serious competition from his two older brothers (when the hell did the middle one get so…so….manly and cute?) leaving him looking like, well, the one you are “friends” with.