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More on the Cat Lady

Beacon Hill cat lady Heidi Erickson is defending herself in court. There was a little video clip on – she was wearing a suit and sunglasses. The sunglasses really threw me. Why would you wear sunglasses in court? Do you have something to hide? If not, show your eyes. I want to see you either look normal or blink like a heroin addict. Are you on cat tranquilizers? What’s the freaking deal, Heidi?

I’m surprised the judge didn’t make her take them off. Either way, it’s not helping her case. Well, that and the fact that she kept interrupting the judge. I actually think there should be a Court-TV-like network of JUST cases where people represent themselves in court. Now this is entertainment, people.

This was classic: She wanted the judge to declare a mistrial because she hadn’t been served, but “the judge pointed out that since she was at the courthouse, she was served.” Nice work, Heidi.