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More Cat Lady Stuff

I wanted to call attention to some comments posted under my last Heidi Erickson post.

Melanie wants to know if anyone knows if she used to be an aerobics instructor back in the 90’s. I’ll leave that open to the floor, althought I’m guessing not. I’m actually pretty sure that the brain chemicals released by exercise negate the brain chemicals needed to actually own more than 20 of any animal, and certainly to keep their remains in your apartment or home.

Also, Angela, you are correct when you say someone I know will start collecting ocelots. Actually, the thought of this keeps me awake most nights.

One more thing – I’d like to post a public reponse to a comment I got in a private email while I was away. To David S., who complained that I don’t get to the point: I never claimed to have one. Try to remember that I wouldn’t have made the Journal of the Mundane if I posted something of substance. Have a nice day.