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Memorial Day Snacks

Heavens to Betsy, stay AWAY from the grocery store. I went in to buy just a couple of things, you know the basics (bread, cheese, bananas, fudgecicles and salsa) and the lines were outragious. Actually, for a while you couldn’t walk near the registers because the lines were so backed up.

They were having a sale on Coke products, one of those fridge-friendly 12-packs for $1.99. I don’t know if that’s specifically why people were in the store, but I did see at least one carriage completely FULL of boxes of 12-packs. You want to stock up, in case you have a party or something, but if you’re like me, you still have Pepsi leftover from Christmas because you actually never did have company. I need to look at those to see if they are past their use-by date. Old soda is nasty.

We had a few hours of no rain, and then the drizzle returned. I bought steak at the store thinking it might be nice to throw it on the grill, because it is the charred meat holiday, when I realized I have no idea when the weather is going to be favorable for grilling. I could move the grill up onto the deck, but that seems like a lot of work. Okay, just checked, looks like Tuesday will be a thumbs up on that. Someone remind me to check how much gas is in the grill tank before then, okay?