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I’m Busy That Day

Oh hey, ya, I’m not still walking. Didn’t want to confuse anyone. Although if I were, it’s almost 24 hours later so I could be headed for the Berkshires, I suppose. I’m not one for doing Marathon walks unless they occur at, say, Epcot. I’m sure the stats are out there, but it’s got to be a mile from one end of that park to the other. If someone wants to pay for it, I’d be happy to go back with a pedometer and measure it for you.

Got a call yesterday from my doctor’s office. Apparently they were starting to book the 2004 physicals, and Junior was on the wait list for an appointment (i.e. after they got the 2004 book). So she asks if February 2nd is good.

“I think so”.

“Do you want morning or afternoon?”

“Uh, either is fine.”

Ya, cause I think I might already have something planned for that day. (Actually, it’s my step-son’s birthday, but other than that, I can probably squeeze in a physical.) I should have said “Oh, you know, that isn’t going to work for me” but the other problem is that every year his physical gets further and further away from his actual birthday, which they do because of insurance limitations. I need to see if our insurance is per calendar year, because if it is, we have an appointment a month earlier…