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I’m Back!

Bonjour kids! I’m back in Massachusetts after a whirlwind tour of Orlando Florida. Yes, Orlando saved its finest 95 degree weather (about 10 degrees warmer than usual for this time of year) just for us.

I’ll have more stuff to post a bit later…I’m just logging in to download my mail so that stuff doesn’t bounce in my in-box…it appears I got 1200+ pieces of mail, and that’s with my BUSY mailing list turned off the whole time I was gone. If that had been on I’m guessing there would have been 4000 messages or so waiting for me. I run everything through software called MailWasher before I download it, and right now I’m in the middle of deleting 561 of the messages. Well I was in the middle of that when the software crashed. Yea. Now I get to do it again!!!