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I’m just stopping by to drop off the flowers I bought today (found a place in Leominster with flats for only $2 each – it’s the spot next to the Harley dealership on Central Street if you’re from around here). I ended up buying almost all perennials. I decided it’s too much of an investment to spend money on annuals every year. If I want annuals next season I’ll start them from seed in the house or something.

I also bought another Clematis for my little flower garden in the back yard that’s less a flower garden than a place where I decided to grow a clematis. So now I have two.

Now I’ve got to plant all this stuff. For some people that’s the fun part. It is for me, but only when I can do it and now worry about keeping an eye on Junior. Of course he’s older now and I’ll just let him ride his bike on the sidewalk while I work. He’s FINALLY old enough where I can trust him to stay on the sidewalk. That kid was the KING of running out into the road when he was little.

p.s. Just read the weather for tonight – another frost warning. In some places there may be a low in the upper 20s. Gee, so glad I did all that planting. I just brought in all the pots that I didn’t get to yet. *sigh*