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Cool Par-tay

I have to give my brother-in-law credit…he knows how to throw a great kids party. Today was the joint party for the 3yo and the 5yo, and there was a moonwalk (shaped like a birthday cake, which looked really funny when you came down the street) and Bob’s piece-de-resistance, a homemade wooden ramp and a gigantic container of Lego pieces. Hundreds and hundreds of them. Each kid (there were 17, I believe) could make a car and then run them down the ramp. No formal soap-box derby (which was good because some kids cracked when their cars didn’t make it off the jump, never mind losing a race) but a blast for the kids to learn what worked best to get the cars flying. We learned they needed weight but couldn’t be too top-heavy, for one thing.

Anyway, this idea came from the Lego store down in Disney Marketplace. He bought the Lego wheel set at their online store which was enough wheels to make 36 vehicles, I believe. VERY fun stuff. In fact, right now Junior and I have his Legos (the few we have that are regular Legos and no Duplos) out on the table, makingnew cars with the wheels on the car he got to take home.