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BlogShares – Big DumpTruck

Where in the heck are all my incoming links going? Hey, people, I’m begging you, don’t forget to put a link to if you a)have a blog and b)want me to do well in BlogShares. This second it says I only have 6 incoming links and I know that’s poopy. Hey, PickleJuice…wherefore did my linky winky go? Please don’t take your bad hair day out on me! (Why are all the female bloggers in the midst of bad hair months? Is it because we spend more time on our blogs than on our beauty regimens? I swear, it’s a conspiracy.

I’m eating a big bowl of my favorite summery salad, and thinking to myself “Oh thank the good Lord my period was early this month, now I can use the hotel pool while I’m on vacation!!! (Unless you think that’s too much information. If so, pretend you never read it. Thanks.)

Recipe for the salad:

1 box Near East Rice Pilaf, prepared as directed on box

Cubed cooked chicken (I don’t know, 2 breasts worth?)

1 cup chopped celery

1 cup chopped green grapes

1 can crushed pineapple drained (I think it’s the small can) I sort of faked that as half a large can yesterday and I can’t tell if it was enough or not)

Some portion of slivered almonds – I haven’t ever actually added them so I have no idea who much…I’ll leave that up to you. Maybe a half cup?

1/2 cup mayo.

Mix. Chill. Eat. Makes a buttload, so it’s good for bringing to a BBQ.

Actually, mine doesn’t taste as good this time as last time I made it. I think maybe the grapes weren’t sweet enough. This is very important. I also need to find my original recipe for the pineapple thing. Maybe it isn’t drained. (But I think it is…)