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Yo Ho Ho and a Cup of Jo

Can someone please explain to me why I have songs from the Grease soundtrack stuck in my head? Specifically “You’re the One That I Want”. I don’t get it.

Another “corker of a day” as Junior’s daycare lady says. It’s that time of year where I have to send him with a suitcase full of clothes. He starts off with a jacket, long pants and sneakers, but in his bag I have to put shorts and sandels. She doesn’t want me to just leave stuff there, so I have to do this daily. It’s not so bad, it just puts the pressure on me not to forget something or he’ll be stuck with the wrong clothes later in the day.

Kudos to the little bird that was on the railing when I pulled in the driveway this morning. He flew at the back door and I freaked out that he was trying to commit suicide by smashing into the glass, but it turns out he was ridding my entryway of all forms of bugs and moths that gathered there last night. I saw him fly off with a moth in his mouth – and I saw that moth stuck in the corner of the glass when I left this morning. He can come back ANY time to do that cleanup, I hate when there are bugs all over the place.