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Why Aren’t You People Buying My Stock?

Aren’t you guys playing the Blogshares game? You know it’s just a game, right? You don’t use real money at all. The game is being reset on May 1st, and I certainly hope I can get more than 3 people interested in buying my stock by then! Sheesh.

Oh, and it’s another sweatshirt day. Hoo boy, what fun weather we’ve had this spring. High only in the 40s? Ya baby. Maybe I could start a fire (in the fireplace, silly) and burn up some of the leftover wood I’ve got from the winter. I started off fine in the fire building department and then after a while we just stopped having them. Today really feels like that kind of day. The only thing killing the somber mood is the florescent pink towel I accidently left hanging out on the deck yesterday. A spot of summer on a very grey day.