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Why are Weather Predictions so Flaky?

Late last week (either Friday or Saturday) we started to plan a day in Boston with Junior. We don’t go often enough, and because his dad is actually HOME from his extended business trip(s) to England, he was going to take a day off this week to make the trip.

So we looked over weather reports and determined that Thursday would be a better day than Friday, because it would be sunny and in the 50’s. Not as warm as Wednesday, which was supposed to push 80.

Today, I look at the weather on the same website, and not only are they saying it’s going to rain on Thursday, but the high will only be thirty-seven degrees. What the hell? And now they’re saying rain on Wednesday and the 80 degree day will be Tuesday. HOW can it change THAT MUCH in two days? I read about weather modelling, and how accurate it is, actually quite far in advance. I’m telling you, I don’t trust them to get tomorrow right anymore. And yes, normally I use Yahoo for my weather because it’s fed from, but I’m thinking that maybe, just maybe, they have hired monkeys to throw darts at a weather dartboard. This is ridiculous.