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Today, I am Somebody

Hi everyone! I’m seeing a lot of new faces today, and that might be because blogdex – the weblog diffusion index thinks I’m thumbody thpecial. I don’t exactly know how this worked out, but I’m on the second page there, apparently tied for 62nd place. 62nd place for people who link to me? I don’t know, I’m thinking something happened to their spider bot because really, am I in the top 100 of anything on the web?

I’m still waiting for the spiders on Blogshares to get me straightened out so you can buy [fake] shares in the Big DumpTruck. I was de-listed when they merged my URLs and I haven’t been relisted yet. Worst case, on May 1st when they go live it will happen. I’ll link to the page for you when it happens.

Lessee, what else? Oh, we postponed the Boston trip and yes, it’s bright and sunny. Not only is it not raining, there isn’t a cloud in the sky. It’s bitter cold out there, but sunny, and if the wind stops, it feels pretty nice.