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They Grow Up So Fast

Junior said his first swear today! My gosh, we thought he’d never get a potty mouth! I mean, you hope that they’ll be precocious and making sailors blush before they get out of diapers, but sometimes they just frustrate you and make you wait. So yes, he’s five and a half, and the magic word is….hell. I know, I’m disappointed that it wasn’t something more inflammatory, but I guess there’s time for us to work on it.

So he asked me what the hell I was doing, and of course asked at my mom’s house, in front of her. Mom of course immediately states that he didn’t get that from HER house…and within an hour my father has used that very word at LEAST two times. When he’s in a car, driving or not, he pulls out all the stops. (Ya, I’m talking about YOU dad!)

I think I did a decent job of not making a big deal out of it, so maybe he got the point he shouldn’t use that word, not even when he’s trying to annoy me.