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the view from neighbor’s yard

They are saying 5 people died in the crash. So horrible.

Here is what I saw standing at the fence in my neighbor’s backyard. The people standing there are blocked by police tape. They are standing on an embankment up from the railroad tracks. If I’m not mistaken, based on another photo I have that’s not as good, the plane is actually just on the other side of the man standing to the far right. We couldn’t get any closer because there is a chainlink fence to keep people off the tracks. I assume the people you see here walked from buildings beside the crash site. I think I also saw someone who worked for the railroad. They need to determine when they trains can start running back through there again, and make sure the explosion and fire didn’t disturb the tracks. You know, little things.

The white stuff in the foreground is all the sleet/hail from last night. It looks like snow but it’s all little ice balls.