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The Big DumpTruck

I was reading more about that horrendous story about the cat breeder on Beacon Hill whose apartment was filled with 60 dead cats. Turns out this isn’t the first time she’s the cause of an apartment being condemned from feces, etc.

Then I looked her up on google, and while her site has been pulled down, you can look at a cache of it. This is what Heidi The Dead Cat Lady had to say about her business (emphasis is mine).

“Silver Circle Persians is a non-profit organization. Cat breeding is a serious hobby, and is not considered a business endeavour. Jay and Heidi’s compassion and combined effort make this cattery a reality. Jay Murthy is a Howard Hughes Fellow in Genetics (Molecular Biology) at Harvard University, Jay’s goal is to work on cutting edge research in Human Genetics, pharmacology and teach. Heidi Erickson is a third generation Persian breeder, student of law and is employed as a legal administrator on Beacon Hill, Heidi formerly progressed the research into the genetics of behavior under Dr.s Jerome Kagan and Evan Balaban of Harvard University, and cancer regression under Nobel-Laureate Dr. Charles Huggins, University of Chicago, Ben May Cancer Research Institute. Heidi’s goal is to promote the medical uses of animal therapists especially cats as a aid to the improvement of medical conditions and to relieve the burden of illness.

Jay and Heidi are both co-owners of most of the cats bred, shown or owned by Silver Circle and their endeavors include investigation into the genetic relationships of behavior and expression of blue-eye with white coat including the phenomenon of deafness in the Persian. Through their combined effort they maintain the genetic integrity and sweetness of the kittens they produce while they further promote responsible breeding among breeders and lobby for the use of companion felines for the improvement of human health. All the while they love and nurture their beloved cats.