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That Other Jodi is So Right!

I was over at reading Flip Flop Flap and I’m so glad she took on this tough subject. I don’t understand the draw of flip flops, the only shoe you can buy at the Dollar Store. Maybe that’s it, they’re cheap, but whenever I blow through the National Enquirer or People, invariable some dripping in dough celeb is wearing Capri pants and flip flops. In public.

The last time I owned a pair was when I belonged to a gym and they told us we might get foot rot from other people using the same showers. Obviously that was enough to make me run screaming from the gym, never to return. Or at least that’s the story I’m using.

Also, was it only in my little corner of the universe (not the jodiverse, but the jodyverse), Leominster, that called them “thongs”? This was way before crack floss had moved from the pages of the Adam and Eve catalog* into Kmart.

*Ya, ya, I know, but I didn’t ask to receive it in the mail. That’s what you get when you order cheap crap from the Harriet Carter (?) catalog. They sold my address, I swear!