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Random Thoughts

  • When you call in for a refill of a prescription, make a note of the location of the pharmacy before you head out to pick it up. D’oh! At least the pharmacist at the first place I visited thought it was amusing.
  • Junior has been watching TV shows from my childhood. This is good and bad. He has my DNA already, do I really want to expose him to the same things that made me the person I am today? He spent two hours running around here tonight without a shirt on, being “Uh Oh Chango” from Danger Island. Yes, I’ve been Tivo-ing the Banana Splits. Why do you ask?
  • AT&T Wireless customer service people totally rock. I talked to one last night and one this evening and both calls were fun. And the last time I changed my phone (a year or so ago) I had a fantastic person as well. There is no sarcasm at all in this comment. In fact, the woman I was talking to tonight and I came up with this REALLY funny promotional idea that I have submitted to the Daily Probe staff for fleshing out as a fake ad. THAT is how fun the call was.
  • The “My Scene” Barbie Dolls have two male dolls, and they are named “Hudson” and “Bryant.” No, really. I’m thinking they needed to give Barbie some gay friends with whom to go clubbing. That is the only reason I can come up with for the names Hudson and Bryant.
  • I’d better get some sleep tonight. I had a phone interview today and I should have told the person who called that I only got 30 minutes of sleep last night due to rodent pole-vaulting, but I didn’t get a chance. I think I would have scored pretty high if he knew that I was that fantastic AND beyond tired. See, my brain never sleeps!