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Parsing error fixed

Okay, I don’t know why it was an error but it was and it’s fixed. I like the old “well, you don’t need this anyway so we’ll just delete it” solution to error-fixing. Dave from Davezilla can visit here safe in the knowledge that it is fixed. Taa-daa!

Dang. Not yet.

Okay, maybe now. Well, if not, I’ll have to look at it later.

Oh man, I am running on 1 cylinder today. I don’t even know how to spell the word. In the Mousetrix Redux, something “mouse-like” ended up trapped in the wall between my bedroom and the bathroom. It sounded to be the size of a squirrel, but I’m sure that was just acoustics. The bugger spent the whole night, and I do mean the whole night, trying to escape. He would be flung back down against the wall or into the pipes, because you see, this is the wall were the sink and toilet pipes are. There was not a THING I could do to drown out all the thumping and banging sounds this damned creature made last night. It finally got quiet around 6:15 am, which is, of course, when it’s time to wake up. I was ready to rip the drywall down with my bare hands and squeeze the life out of the little beast, but I was too tired to make myself move.

Actually, I think I can hear it banging around even now. So pleasant. The call is in to my mouse guy. I cannot do anything about a mouse trapped in a wall. And yes, I know if I don’t do anything, it will soon die and the problem will be solved, but I need to deal with the fact that he might not be the only one up there. Again.