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Oh, Right, You Guys Have to Work Today

Goofily, I contacted someone in New York today and asked if she had to work. Duh. Patriot’s Day is a Massachusetts holiday, and it’s actually more of a Boston holiday. All the state government offices are closed, which stinks if you want to go to the library. But the stores are open and I’m guessing 70% of the local companies don’t get the day off. Companies in on the Boston Marathon path are more likely to have the day off. I can definitely see this holiday sort of falling off the map in a year or two.

I dropped off the Maxima at the garage for repairs from the YMCA accident. Finally. I got a rental car, a Saturn L200. It seems nice. We used to own a Saturn LS (or LS2?) which I guess is the model that became the L200. However, this one seems nicer than our old one. It certainly looks very very schnazzy.

Got a call from the local paper today, verifying that I did indeed write a letter to the editor last week. I did. Of course, now I’m wondering if I want my letter published. I was kind of angry when I wrote it. While I had them on the phone I should have asked them how to spell “recuperate”. When I got an email with the headlines, it was spelled “recooperate.” D’oh!