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Hello everyone, how are you doing? Fine? That’s super! Had a nice relaxing day away from the computer. You know, because I’m “working at home” and jobhunting and keeping up with this site and email, I’m on the computer a LOT. Every day. So today was “get the hell away from the computer” day. It seems to have worked out well, although I have a crapload of mail to wade through. It’s not going to be pretty next week when I’m on vacation (i.e. computer-free) for 6 days.

So far I have someone who will do updates for two of the days, and I’m going to see if I can do email via my cell phone for the other 3. Or maybe I’ll just let you all suffer, so that you’ll really appreciate me when I get back.

Oh, this was in the news as an update to the cat lady story: ” The tenant is now responding to the charges and she said what inspectional services saw were only three dead cats and 150 pounds of beef kidneys.” Oh RIGHT. They couldn’t tell the difference. And the feces came from where? And the fact it was so bad that it was condemned? Where was she storing the 150 pounds of beef kidneys, in the living room?