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Month: April, 2003


Note to self: If you’re going to buy an electric lawnmower, you need to charge the sucker up after it’s been sitting in the shed all winter. That is, if you intend to mow the lawn. If you don’t want to mow the lawn, just forget to do it.



Hello everyone, how are you doing? Fine? That’s super! Had a nice relaxing day away from the computer. You know, because I’m “working at home” and jobhunting and keeping up with this site and email, I’m on the computer a LOT. Every day. So today was “get the hell away from the computer” day. It seems to have worked out well, although I have a crapload of mail to wade through. It’s not going to be pretty next week when I’m on vacation (i.e. computer-free) for 6 days.

So far I have someone who will do updates for two of the days, and I’m going to see if I can do email via my cell phone for the other 3. Or maybe I’ll just let you all suffer, so that you’ll really appreciate me when I get back.

Oh, this was in the news as an update to the cat lady story: ” The tenant is now responding to the charges and she said what inspectional services saw were only three dead cats and 150 pounds of beef kidneys.” Oh RIGHT. They couldn’t tell the difference. And the feces came from where? And the fact it was so bad that it was condemned? Where was she storing the 150 pounds of beef kidneys, in the living room?


The Big DumpTruck

I was reading more about that horrendous story about the cat breeder on Beacon Hill whose apartment was filled with 60 dead cats. Turns out this isn’t the first time she’s the cause of an apartment being condemned from feces, etc.

Then I looked her up on google, and while her site has been pulled down, you can look at a cache of it. This is what Heidi The Dead Cat Lady had to say about her business (emphasis is mine).

“Silver Circle Persians is a non-profit organization. Cat breeding is a serious hobby, and is not considered a business endeavour. Jay and Heidi’s compassion and combined effort make this cattery a reality. Jay Murthy is a Howard Hughes Fellow in Genetics (Molecular Biology) at Harvard University, Jay’s goal is to work on cutting edge research in Human Genetics, pharmacology and teach. Heidi Erickson is a third generation Persian breeder, student of law and is employed as a legal administrator on Beacon Hill, Heidi formerly progressed the research into the genetics of behavior under Dr.s Jerome Kagan and Evan Balaban of Harvard University, and cancer regression under Nobel-Laureate Dr. Charles Huggins, University of Chicago, Ben May Cancer Research Institute. Heidi’s goal is to promote the medical uses of animal therapists especially cats as a aid to the improvement of medical conditions and to relieve the burden of illness.

Jay and Heidi are both co-owners of most of the cats bred, shown or owned by Silver Circle and their endeavors include investigation into the genetic relationships of behavior and expression of blue-eye with white coat including the phenomenon of deafness in the Persian. Through their combined effort they maintain the genetic integrity and sweetness of the kittens they produce while they further promote responsible breeding among breeders and lobby for the use of companion felines for the improvement of human health. All the while they love and nurture their beloved cats.



Ghost in The Machine

Boy, there’s nothing freakier than an unexpected noise when you’re alone in the house. I’m talking about the ghost in the toy room that decided to make my son’s toy cell phone ring. As I said in an email to some friends, “Should I answer it?”

Now Junior uses this phone to call “his boss” who he pretends is asking him to do work stuff, etc. You know, imitating daddy. So of course his dad replied to my email and said “You should answer it…maybe Junior’s boss is going to offer you a job!”

Ahhh, I would but I don’t want to get paid in invisible money. (Is there enough invisible stuff in my life already? Although my invisible daughter-in-law Julia has been strangely silent the past couple of weeks.)


Why? Just Why?

And the winner of the “I don’t understand you people” award is the person who ended up here by doing an AOL search on “scott peterson underwear”. As in “boxers or briefs”? I have no idea. This is the wrong place for this kind of search, regardless of this site’s placement on your results page. Really. You can go now.


Yo Ho Ho and a Cup of Jo

Can someone please explain to me why I have songs from the Grease soundtrack stuck in my head? Specifically “You’re the One That I Want”. I don’t get it.

Another “corker of a day” as Junior’s daycare lady says. It’s that time of year where I have to send him with a suitcase full of clothes. He starts off with a jacket, long pants and sneakers, but in his bag I have to put shorts and sandels. She doesn’t want me to just leave stuff there, so I have to do this daily. It’s not so bad, it just puts the pressure on me not to forget something or he’ll be stuck with the wrong clothes later in the day.

Kudos to the little bird that was on the railing when I pulled in the driveway this morning. He flew at the back door and I freaked out that he was trying to commit suicide by smashing into the glass, but it turns out he was ridding my entryway of all forms of bugs and moths that gathered there last night. I saw him fly off with a moth in his mouth – and I saw that moth stuck in the corner of the glass when I left this morning. He can come back ANY time to do that cleanup, I hate when there are bugs all over the place.


They Grow Up So Fast

Junior said his first swear today! My gosh, we thought he’d never get a potty mouth! I mean, you hope that they’ll be precocious and making sailors blush before they get out of diapers, but sometimes they just frustrate you and make you wait. So yes, he’s five and a half, and the magic word is….hell. I know, I’m disappointed that it wasn’t something more inflammatory, but I guess there’s time for us to work on it.

So he asked me what the hell I was doing, and of course asked at my mom’s house, in front of her. Mom of course immediately states that he didn’t get that from HER house…and within an hour my father has used that very word at LEAST two times. When he’s in a car, driving or not, he pulls out all the stops. (Ya, I’m talking about YOU dad!)

I think I did a decent job of not making a big deal out of it, so maybe he got the point he shouldn’t use that word, not even when he’s trying to annoy me.


She’s Right…He’s Getting Married!

Anthony Wiggle Field is marrying a Greek woman named Michaela. I declare today a day of mourning. Or at least of afternooning.



Mmmmmm. Tostitos Party Bowl.

Oh, and can I just say that I was looking out the window a few minutes ago and I realized I’m actually going to have to mow the lawn this week? Yeesh, I guess there is no rest for the wicked. Or me. (bwa ha ha ha).

I’m thinking of popping in an MST3K movie…which one will it be?



Junior was watching the Powerpuff Girls this morning and after the episode there was a music video – Devo doing “Go Monkey Go”. I know Mark Mothersbaugh is like the king of movie and cartoon scores (see: Rugrats and Rocket Power, to name two) but does Devo still exist as a group?

Hey, here’s a whole article about music in cartoon. Way excellent stuff. Actually most everything they’ve mention (specifically the work in Spongebob and The Fairly Oddparents) is GREAT stuff.