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Month: March, 2003

Job Hunt Status Report

To everyone who said the job market would improve if we went to war: Ptbtbtbtbtbbtb.

Actually, I found a job listing today and I think I’d be perfect for the job. I have the right background, and I know they’d be happy hiring me. I just hope that my resume stands out against all the thousands I’m sure they’ll receive. Looking over the corporate website I got very excited about the company, too. So if any of you faithful readers of the Dump know anyone who works for CCH Incorporated, could you drop me a line? They have a referral program so if one of you recommends me and I get hired, that’s $5000 in your pocket and all you’d need to do to thank me is buy me lunch. For a week. ($5000. Wow, what I could do with that.)


Hot Pagan Buns

Oh MAN is that going to get me some Google hits or what???! Actually, the topic is hot cross buns, and their origins. I bought some yesterday, because as Catholics we need to have a “food” other than the Communion wafer. I’ve always been jealous that many Jewish holidays have specific foods associated with it. I guess these buns are ours.

So anyway, I don’t know what I’m talking about, which is normal. But I did look up the origins of the hot cross bun, and the two sites I looked at (I didn’t say it was extensive research) both said they were originally a pagan food, I believe to celebrate spring. And one pointed out that the cross is a pagan symbol for the 4 seasons. So once again (see: Christmas trees) we’ve taken something pagan and made it Christian.

Actually, I don’t much care one way or the other; I grew up eating them and I like them a lot, thankyouverymuch. Now he’s a high-fat hint courtesy of my mother back when we didn’t know how bad stuff like this is for you: she used to cut them in half horizontally (so all frosting is on one half) and grill them, then put butter on the hot parts. Sort of like grilling a muffin. Mmmmmm that was good eating, and I’ve resisted trying to do one that way. Of course, she also did the same thing with stale plain donuts. THAT is a heart-busting snack worthy of Elvis, I tell you. Hot grilled donuts with extra butter? Lordy.

Also, they are no longer “one a penny, two a penny.”


Embrace the FACE

Okay, I just saw a sign for the new specialty license plates. To hell with the Cape and the Islands one, or even the one we used to have with the kiddie drawings on it.

Now I can get one with a smiley face! I am SO going to save up for this!

All you have to do is fill out an application – when the organization has enough, they’ll give them to the RMV to begin production. They think they’ll have enough by this fall, but I’m guessing they’ll have enough by mid-summer. Who doesn’t want a smiley face plate? Visit Embrace the FACE for info and the forms.


Beverage Report: Coffee and NectarFizz

Man, what would we do without coffee? I remember back when I didn’t like the taste of it…but when did I cross that line from not liking it to liking it? I know I didn’t drink it in college, I was more of a Diet Coke kind of person. I actually wasn’t a caffeine fan. So at some point after college I must have started liking it. I know that my first job after graduation we had a Mr. Coffee machine and regular Creamora. This was a 2-person operation, so nothing fancy for us, like, say, real cream, and they hadn’t yet invented Creamora Royale, which is actually very good.

While I think about that, I’ll give you a beverage review for what I have in front of me right now. It’s NectarFizz by Nantucket Nectars. I’m drinking the blackberry fizz, because when in doubt, buy the purple one. So it’s 10% real fruit juice, lightly carbonated, with 100% vitamin C. And it’s pretty tasty. Actually, it’s very similar to that other fizzy juice/soda, Clearly Canadian. I don’t think you could tell them apart in a taste test unless you were a HUGE fan of one or the other. Hey, I just like supporting the Juice Guys; if I can buy from a Massachusetts company, I will.


I Declare Winter OVER

I not only barbecued a steak for dinner, we ate outside. It probably would be better to eat lunch outside, given that once the sun was going down it dropped at least 10 or 15 degrees in half an hour. But it doesn’t matter – we ate outside and it was heavenly. Blue blue blue skies, the color you never get in the summer because of the damned smog and humidity. The back yard has dried up a lot in the past two days, so Junior got to run around for a while. Oh, and today we went with my parent’s to buy his (belated) birthday present – a new bike. We needed to upgrade him from his original 12 in bike to a 16 inch. He ended up with a red Huffy from WalMart. Maybe he’ll be more into it this year, but last year he wasn’t much into riding his bike, so we certainly weren’t going to pay a lot of money for a lot of bells and whistles. Plenty of time for that with his next bike, anyway. At five, we’re just going to work on getting the training wheels off.



Junior wanted to watch Batman: The Movie. You know, the GOOD one. Who am I to deny him Adam West?

Something just occured to me for the first time. See, Bruce and Dick are out for a Sunday drive and they race back to Stately Wayne Manor. Their aunt is out front in the flower beds and they wave as they run in to take the poles down to the Bat Cave. It occurred to me for the first time – what if Aunt Harriet wants to come in the house and ask Bruce a question…she won’t be able to find him. Wouldn’t she get worried if she saw him go in the house and he disappeared? I don’t care how big their house is, you would eventually wonder why two people who are home aren’t “home”.

Something to think about, anyway.


Ty the Tasmanian Tiger

We took an Animal Crossing break (well, *I* didn’t want to, but hey, you know how it is) and went back to playing Ty the Tasmanian Tiger again. You know, sometimes you just need a break once in a while to open up your eyes. That and cheat codes.

Okay, yes, we did a cheat code, but it only helped to a certain extent. We couldn’t figure out how to finish up the Ship Rex level. Four of us all had turns. I finally looked in the water and noticed a tunnel. Duh. I can’t tell you how much effort we put in to trying to climb OVER the rocks (unsuccessfully) when we really needed to go UNDER the rocks. So the Ship Rex level was the first one that we officially “finished”. Nothing left to get at that level, and it let us get the fire boomerangs. Did I mention that I love talking about games like this because out of context it just looks surreal to say things like “get the fire boomerangs.” If I haven’t plugged it before, go buy that game. It’s only $20, and everyone who’s ever played it on our GameCube has raved about it. So go. Enjoy.


That Awards Show

I don’t want the people running the Awards tonight to hunt me down for trademark abuse, so I’ll just call it That Awards Show.

I have no predictions. I have strong opinions, but as has been the case for the past couple of years, I haven’t seen all the movies. I’m lucky I’ve seen ANY of the movies. I wasn’t going to watch it, but then I remembered Steve Martin is hosting, and I love him. What if we meet someday, and our ongoing relationship hinges on whether or not I saw him host the 2003 That Awards Show? Well how can I not watch?

Also, picked up Inspector Gadget 2 for Junior and decided that French Stewart is a total cutie. I have loved him since 3rd Rock, but man, he’s just so excellent in this role.


Another Day, Another Quarter

Junior and I are just kind of hanging out today. He’s already done some playing outside (riding on his scooter…his bike is way too small now but we haven’t figured out when we’re going to go out to buy a new bigger one. He has some birthday money (from January) coming from Grandma, so that should really help. I’ll have to give her a call about when we’d be able to take him shopping.

It’s colder today than I thought it would be, so if you are inside using the computer (like I am) I forgive you.


Why Are You Reading This?

If it’s New England and you are reading this during the day on Sunday, why on earth are you in the house?