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Oh, Right, the Dishes

I just realized the fatal flaw of being away from the house all day. See, I won’t run the dishwasher unless I’m hope, simply because of that one time the old dishwasher blew something and peed all over the floor. Well you can guess what’s coming next. I didn’t run the danged thing and it’s full. I hate that. Sure, I can run it tomorrow, but I was supposed to run it today. Never mind that I didn’t do the laundry, which had my only green shirt in it. So I won’t be “wearin the green” tomorrow. Not that anyone would really be seeing me, unless I turn on the webcam.

Okay, time to shut down the internet (okay, not the whole internet, just my current connection to it, silly) and bring the ‘puter up to bed with me. I’m doing some work for a friend and for my sister (two different people, although my sister is my friend) and I want to get a jump on it for tomorrow. I have a LOT to do tomorrow, meaning the closest I’ll probably get to the 60 degree air is sitting in front of an open window. Of course, after 14 years working in climate-controlled buildings, this is actually a very very good thing.