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More Tub Cleaning Tools

Had to go to the grocery store this morning to cash my unemployment check (yes, I bank at the grocery store. I believe in making as few trips as possible when it’s time to do errands.) I was picking up the few items I needed, and wandered up the cleaning “stuff” aisle on my way back to the front of the store. I pick this aisle because you just never know when the perfect dish scrubbie will appear on the rack, solving the problem is the Discontinued Dish Scrubbie. [Insert sound of weeping]

I was pricing 409 Glass Cleaner, when a new product in the tub section caught my eye. First, because the bottle is purple. Second, because of the name of the product. “Kaboom.” What an awesome name. I looked over the label, noting the “From the makers of Oxy-Clean” and the “Breath Easy” on the label. As I have mentioned here before, cleaning products do a number on my lungs. I can’t buy most of the stuff that’s out there, because I can’t handle the fumes. I normally use Scrub Free because of all the tub products, that one seems to have the least offensive fumes.

Well, I’ve found another. Kaboom has a kind of orange scent (you know, the Oxy-Clean people also make Orange Glow, the orange oil (?) cleaning products, so this doesn’t surprise me). Other than that, no fumes. You could spray it in the tub and lean right in close and not pass out. And it seems to have done a bang-up job. So I’m going to give Kaboom 4 tiles out of 5. (It loses a half a tile because it’s doesn’t magically do all the work for you, plus it does say on the bottle that you should rinse, and I hate that.