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Hello Peoples

It’s another lovely rainy day. I’m about to go fire up a fake log, just because it’s the kind of day where you get a chill and can’t get rid of it. I think by Thursday it will be better around here.

I have to watch a movie now, because it’s due back to Blockbuster by noon tomorrow. I should never rent new movies. I know myself. And even though it was a free rental (the ONLY reason I got it) I still want to watch the thing before it’s due back. The problem is Junior has a movie HE has to watch before it’s due back. So I guess like My Big Fat Greek Wedding, I’ll be watching this one on my computer with headphones while he’s watching his. Else I’ll have to take the computer to bed and watch it up there.

p.s. Oh how I dread doing the rubbish. It’s recycling day tomorrow. I never know which truck is going to come first, so I can’t put it off. I have a whole bunch of cardboard to put out but I forgot to buy twine today, so I guess that will have to wait. Grrrrrrr.