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Good Day to Fly a Kite…

If you didn’t mind the kite string severing your fingers off one at a time. The wind is SO strong, and there is so much sand everywhere left over from the 40 snowstorms we had this winder. I keep thinking I should somehow save some for next winter, but I don’t imagine I have a good place to store a thousand pounds of sand.

We actually didn’t practice the biking today because it threatened to rain all day, even though it didn’t. And then the sandstorm pretty much meant he’d be riding with his eyes closed. It was bad enough when his eyes were open. (Oh, follow-up reply to Susan, I was running behind him holding the seat, but the seat is just low enough I had to bend slightly, and after 15 minutes my back was screaming. Not to mention I was keeping an almost 50 pound kid and a bike upright with one hand.