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Boogie Nose

The Boy is home with me today with a bad nose, sore throat and a low fever (100.4). Fun. Oh well, at least I don’t have to take a day off. Although I do have things I’m trying to get done. Now that I helped him finish “Mickeys’ Magical Mirror” I have been allowed to leave the couch for my laptop.

Finally saw Monsoon Wedding last night. Great movie, although quite frankly, I think the bride was miscast. I cared about almost every other character in the movie but her. If I were the groom, I would have dumped her for her cousin. Those were her cousins, right? I got a bit confused when it came to keeping the cast straight. The guy from Australia – was he a cousin? Was he the brother of the two girls who lived with the bride but weren’t her sisters? Was the Donald-Sutherland look-alike their step-father? What the…

Other than that (and hey, it didn’t stop my enjoyment one bit) I loved it. I don’t understand why it was rated R, but maybe I missed something.