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I have been meaning to mention:

Keebler Chips Deluxe wins hands down over Chips Ahoy. I know they are amazingly similar and may in fact come from the same cookie extruder, but I now vote Chips Deluxe. The only thing that would keep me from buying them is my desire to a)not regain any of my lost weight, and b)Shaws having Chips Ahoy on sale, buy one get one free, approximately every other week. And they always go on the first endcap when you walk in the store. The weeks Chips Ahoy isn’t on the endcap it’s usually got Wheat Thins and/or Triscuits on it. I mean, let’s have some variety people.

I’m actually scared if Chips Ahoy sales are so successful that it’s almost a permanent thing. But I won’t complain, my spaghetti sauce is $1.79 or so off per big huge jar this week. I bought three on Saturday, but that’s because I didn’t even have a little wire basket.